Under the barrel of Israel

Here we discourses about some fact of resent information of Israel. We pulled up to the school and anyone between 17 and 50 years. Everyone came handcuffed and blindfolded. When asked to go to the service, the soldiers wore and beaten for no reason that would justify these beatings. Many were arrested for gathering information for the security services, not because they had done something. In general, people kept sitting for 10 hours in the sun. They were given water occasionally. Soldiers spend 10 hours standing, bored and hitting people. Maybe it’s his only satisfaction. It happened in Hares, a town north of the occupied West Bank in March. The dialogue between the soldier who gave this testimony and an activist of breaking the Silence, a militant Israeli NGO, continues. The opinion in the battalion is that Arabs are wild animals to be destroyed, revealing a 19-year out. There are soldiers who think they are nylon handcuffs to immobilize and prevent blood from reaching your fingers. Turn blue. Finally, after complaints and cries, the commander ordered loosens the handcuffs. Many reservists participated and celebrated the humiliation, insults, hair pulling, kicking and slapping. It was the norm. What happened in the service, what we call demons dancing was the most extreme.
A group of Jews, many of them former NCOs and fervent believers, fight tooth and nail to make known what they know many in Israel, but few dare to tell. What these activists go wrong breaking the Silence, who speaks out in a country numbed to the suffering of the enemy. They intend to break the thick wall that surrounds the abhorrent practices of many soldiers to suppress attacks by stones thrown by Palestinian youths. The complaint has high price. But some military exception to the rule does not support what he sees. It rarely happens. Army spokesman offered a very different version. For months , drivers circulating in the road near Hares suffered attacks coming from the hills in the area Several injured innocent civilians is why the Army operated to interrogate suspects involved in these attacks . All detainees suspected of involvement in violent activities, received decent treatment, including the provision of water and food.
No missing soldiers are saying that security measures are essential, but they detest gratuitous humiliation. As the video released this week in which several soldiers forced a Palestinian to hit in the face while you have to praise their aggressors, scoff the meantime. Humiliation is no exception. There is more to see the faces of the Palestinians in the controls. In row, silent, attentive to orders, often complacent and cries, sometimes with a gun pointed directly. The aggressiveness to prevent the violence of Palestinians is not only permitted, it is sometimes required grow. A hit, even when people are not involved, to achieve the objective of the mission is possible.  The operations of the Kfir Brigade, in which they serve hundreds of youth from the far-right nationalist and religious – are constants in the West Bank. Many soldiers are themselves settlers of this brigade have precise information gathered from informers Palestinians are legion – and with operations to know every corner of a people. They call mapping. It is in the home and the information is passed to the security services. But what shocks is that you have to steal. Often falls in gratuitous violence. Soldiers enjoy a position of overwhelming superiority. What explains the aforementioned Sergeant? When you have a gun and you ask something a Palestinian you’re forcing you afraid Arabic can tell yes. It takes, no problem ‘ know you can chase if you say one word out of place.

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