The Islamic Jihad attacked with 80 missiles in southern Israel

The Islamic Jihad, met his revenge and Wednesday 12 kept his promise in an operation defined as ‘ Breaking the Silence ‘. In the most serious attack against the people of southern Israel since the truce agreed in November 2012 between this country and the Islamist group Hamas, the Palestinian faction has fired about 80 mortar shells and Qassam rockets, according to local media. Several missiles have been intercepted by Iron Dome. There have been no injuries in what looks like the beginning of a new escalation after the first military retaliation with artillery fire against two targets in northern Gaza. “We will react broadly”, military sources say. Past ten in the evening, the Israeli Air Force attacked several bases and installations around the Jihad in the Gaza Strip, where Hamas had evacuated before their military barracks for fear of bombing. According to the Army, its aircraft attacked 29 targets. The Palestinians have not reported injured or killed in this offensive.
The attack of the jihad is the answer ‘ armed wing ‘ of the pro-Iranian group yesterday killed by the Israeli army. After shooting a projectile against troops operating on the border between Israel and Gaza, the jihadist command was surprised by the Air Force. Terrorists affiliated with the Islamic Jihad fired mortar forces the Israel Defense Army. Ready for an aircraft of the Air Force said , in order to prevent future attacks on Israeli civilians , reaching terrorist squad , ” said military spokesman yesterday following an incident review, once again, the truce in November 2012. Jihad has claimed responsibility for the launch of more than 70 mortar shells and Qassam rockets. “It is the first response to Israel’s crimes in Gaza and the West Bank. His last crime was the murder of three members of our armed wing yesterday in Khan Yunes, “say from this group financed and armed by Iran.  It seems that the rocket attacks come as a reaction to frustration over our actions that aborted terrorist attacks yesterday.

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