Obama welcomes Abbas to lure to his “framework agreement” with Israel

The quote that meets Monday at the White House U.S. President Barack Obama and the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, is called to be more than voluntarism and a close final photo. With April 29 approaching the date on which the initial period of just nine months the Israeli and Palestinian negotiating teams to promote peace occurred. It is time for decisions, you have to drive or stall the process. Abbas equipment understood, therefore, that this is one of the most important recent year’s interviews. “We have no time to waste , time is something that we do not have , especially when you consider the difficult situation that is going on the Middle East May we be able to take this opportunity to achieve peace ,” said Abbas at the beginning of I find. Obama, now decided to personally lead the rapprochement between the two historic adversaries after the push – almost alone, almost quixotic, his secretary of state, John Kerry, has two objectives to fulfill. To seek support for Abbas framework agreement designed by his administration and fight to convince Palestinian President that we need to extend this initial contact phase, beyond April, instead of throwing in the towel then.  Hope to see progress in the coming weeks, said U.S. President before the meeting.

The White House, however, is not very optimistic about the possibility of achieving brings positions between the two parties involved in the process. Last week, Kerry expressed his frustration in Congress over the possibility increasingly clear that recognition of Israel as a Jewish state be the trigger again to break the negotiations. The Palestinian president has opposed both less severe than those of his advisors for. Obama has urged Abbas to in the coming weeks take risks to promote the continuation of the peace talks. “We will have to make difficult political decisions to move forward,” the president acknowledged. Few precise details have transcended the base text, beyond recognizing the creation of a Palestinian state and Israel as a Jewish state. Proposals on other key issues, such as refugees, Jerusalem, security or natural resources are supposed to be elaborate Obama to Abbas. There have been no leaks, as the U.S. demanded parties. For in – Palestinian delegation accompanying Abbas and negotiator Nabil Shaath intelligence chief, Majid Faraj – no inalienable points as their State borders shall be prior to the 1967 war and control of the Valley Jordan. For its strategic resources and natural way to Jordan, must remain under Palestinian sovereignty and not under Israeli military control, as proposed by the government of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Abbas is expected, nevertheless, will be more flexible, since time is running out and the dilemma that arises is that of where to give or break the deck.  At the beginning of the meeting, the U.S. president reiterated Washington’s support to deepen the commitment on the ’67 borders, which guarantees the security of Israel but Palestine are a sovereign state that can satisfy the aspirations which has been chasing for so long. It has refused to recognize the Jewish state of Israel, and this week have generated Kerry rash statements which claimed that ” insist ” on this recognition is a “mistake” when talking about points ” decisive ” in the negotiations.

Abbas is expected, nevertheless, will be more flexible, since time is running out and the dilemma that arises is that of where to give or break the deck.

Israel: New Year with political and economic uncertainty

The Jewish New Year began with the prospect of a sharp rise in prices and the uncertainty of whether the Hebrew year 5773 (2012-2013). It will be war or peace after Israel’s threats to attack Iran prevent from obtaining nuclear weapons. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is beneath immense pressure by the international ratings agencies for you to keep fiscal credibility has hitherto enjoyed the country amid the global crisis. At a time when the economy declines and tax revenues are increasingly governor of the Bank of Israel, Stanley Fischer, predicted in an interview with the business magazine. Although Israel is expected to grow 3.2% in 2012, is in a slowdown compared to previous years, in part because 40% of its economy is based on exports, resent the crisis in Europe (its principal market) and the U.S. To this is added a rise in fuel and flour, pulling up all the prices in the market. Nearly half of Israeli Jews feel insecure about their economic situation, according to a recent study conducted by the Demographic Institute.

Also, a third cannot meet their basic monthly needs and 76 % think that the government should have sought other ways to reduce the deficit, instead of raising VAT. As to whether Israel should launch a preemptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, the population is divided. Thus, 43 % of Israeli Jews support Netanyahu in his firm stance involving the U.S. President Barack Obama, in a possible military action against Iran, while forty percent consider this unwise approach. Better than before, and do what political leaders decide after this dialogue with Iran over. This is a global problem. Finally, they decided to abandon Iran’s nuclear program.  Scientific and economic capacities; we can remove them all. I think it’s a very rich culture that must, eventually, that this is not the way, he added. I think ultimately will make the decision. The Iranian leadership decided to hold the price of its nuclear program is more than willing to pay.  The Chief of Staff also discussed the northern border and called the situation in Syria as critical, stating that” the central government is fainting, losing power. It is difficult to describe a scenario of how lucirala Siriadel future.  In addition, Lt. Gen. Gantz referred to the possibility that chemical weapons falling into the hands of the terrorist organization Hezbollah. “The danger of a loss of control is great, but remain quiet on this issue,” he said, also noting the risk of being drawn into a complex conflict.

Discovered a Byzantine mosaic in a monastery Negev desert

A mosaic of the Byzantine period dating from the sixth century has been found among the remains of a monastery at the entrance of a Bedouin rural community in the Negev wilderness in southern Israel. It Discovered a Byzantine mosaic in a monastery Negev desert. A mosaic of the Byzantine period dating from the sixth century has been found among the remains of a monastery at the entrance of a Bedouin rural community in the Negev desert in southern Israel. The discovered by the Israel Antiquities Authority discovered, is dotted with “exceptional” color and was part of a monastery that had a length of 35 meters long by 20 wide, according to a statement from the agency. The Antiquities Authority had worked in the area near the town of for a month before discovering the remains of the mosaic, containing both common and unique artwork designs.

The monastery had inside four rooms, including a dining hall and a chapel. The prayer hall is decorated with colors traditionally associated with Christianity as red and blue, and yellow and green stones are more rare and have not been seen before in ruins along the country were also found . Particularity , various forms of crosses drawn on the ground contrary to a prohibition exerted through an imperial edict that prevented include crosses in mosaic floors to prevent the people stepped identified. Earlier this year another mosaic of a monastery belonging to the same period but smaller was found in the southwestern region of Jerusalem. However, Netanyahu and his supporters continue to insist that Jerusalem will not be divided. What they not succeed to recognize fully connected as the capital of Israel, in fact, not a unit. The subsequent effort israelizar city, building a network of Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem dominated by the Palestinians failed to ensure a solid Jewish majority, largely because the Israeli middle class would not settle there.

A general strike paralyzes all embassies in Israel

Workers in the Israeli Foreign Ministry has decided to launch an indefinite general strike today has closed 103 embassies and consulates located throughout the world and own the central ministry in Jerusalem. A total of about 1,200 diplomats and other officials based the 1,100 that have paralyzed the work of the delegations of Israel as leverage to achieve better working conditions, disputes for more than one year. Never before, nor in time of war, has Israel continued to provide consular services. Your plant has made ​​it impossible for the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and travel in the first week of April to Mexico, Panama and Colombia, where he would be the first official visit by an Israeli head of government in the area. Also the defense minister, Moshe Yaalon, has canceled his expedition to Italy to discuss various weapons contracts. This afternoon , in Geneva , the Human Rights Council UN discuss five resolutions censuring Israel – including one that calls for action against companies who work in or with settlements in occupied Palestinian territory , and Israel will not be represented in the room. He has not even been a team that, in the hours, tries to soften the text or gather votes against protecting their country.
They are not issuing tourist visas or studies, or permits for new immigrants, defense exports or large business transactions, as there are no promotional events or meetings with international organizations or personnel from other nations. The cost, says the Government, already surpasses several million. It’s tough, but we are fighting for a better foreign service for all” justified Yair Frommer, president of the workers union Affairs. He explains that during the last seven months have held meetings with the Ministry of Finance (hands Yair Lapid, party Yesh Atid ) but have not been put on the table solutions that satisfy the template. The employees claim that their wages rise under IPC when frozen takes 12 years, plus they want to be paid the arrears that this measure has caused. Complementary to claim their wages, to facilitate the transfer of families abroad , before the ” practical impossibility ” that spouses find work in their places of employment and the cost of the care and education of children aids. They argue that they were not paid “decently “the “constants” overtime giving and their pension plans are “below average “from other officers. ” It is impossible, says spokesman union – lead a reasonable life with those losses.”

At the door of the ministry, in the Givat Ram neighborhood of Jerusalem, a group of employees has mounted this morning under a tarp bursting brochures explaining their claims. Yesterday I was told not to enter or leave the minister, Avigdor Lieberman (Yisrael Beiteinu), who has not made ​​an attempt to come to his office. “This is the country where diplomatic or medical professions are no future, battered. The State does not care. Wages are not fair. It is irresponsible not care an essential service, “complains Nimrod Levy, 17 years old in the house. The starting salary of 5,000 shekels contracted round (just over one thousand Euros) and someone with his seniority does not exceed 9,000 in a medium position abroad (about 1,900). The union claims that a third of diplomats abandoning basic level just to enter the race – “with their masters, their languages ​​and their networks” – in the private market, more profitable. “Many talented people are going,” Levy complains. The strike at embassies and consulates has been “total”, according to the union, at this time the Government has not yet taken stock of the first day of the strike. In some European capitals, the dependent personnel of Defense or Economics and Mossad spies tried to access the offices, because unemployment does not concern them, but his teammates prevented. Washington embassies and representation to the United Nations has not worked.

A court declares Israel Ehud Olmert guilty of accepting bribes

Never before has a Prime Minister of Israel had been convicted by a judge. Ehud Olmert, prime minister between 2006 and 2009. It has been found guilty of a crime of bribery by room 606 of the District Court of Tel Aviv. Judge David Rozen considers it proven that received at least two payments of 500,000 and 600,000 shekels (104,000 and 125,000 Euros respectively) to “soften” the legal and urban obstacles complicating the lifting of a luxury residential complex called Holyland (Holy Land). So Olmert was the mayor of the city. While waiting to know the final penalty, the ruling this morning and hardly modifiable yields two conclusions. Olmert will have to serve jail time and his political career, he has tried to revive the past two years, is finished except miracle. No date yet to know it’s worth. In addition to the Holyland, Olmert was tried for other cases: the first was found not guilty of taking bribes by a court of Jerusalem in 2012, and in the second. The prosecution closed this year another case against Olmert going back to when he was industry minister and deputy prime minister from charges that allegedly used his status to benefit Likud activists. The judicial inquiry ends today is possibly the most controversy ever wrapped an Israeli politician. It covers the period when Olmert occupied the Jerusalem municipality between 1993 and 2003, and his later years as Minister of Infrastructure, Trade and Industry. Beside him were sentenced his successor in Jerusalem , Uri Lupoliansky , former Bank Hapoalim chairman Dan Danker and former chief of staff Olmert , Shula Zaken . Only three of the 13 defendants in the process have been found innocent. Entire network moved nine million shekels ( 1.8 million Euros) in bribes in Olmert case were handled by his chief of staff and his brother , Yossi , with ship money on hand . Thus, the land on which the most imposing towers of the city, close to major roads. A shopping mall and the Teddy Stadium would have happened to contemplate a work area of 25,000 square meters to 311,000 rises.
The judge in the summary of the judgment is known at this time, reports that in those years. The government became more corrupt and rotten. However, it has been found with evidence contradictory to her brother and numerous documents – disordered papers, added data, and reports confusing – that have produced more shadows on his administration, on which the tax has especially affected. These two years that has lasted almost the press called “the trial of the century” have served to build testimonies of 103 people; there are 9,000 pages of transcripts, 800 stories of the prosecution and defense 500. Judge Rozen has almost become a magistrate star for his efforts in fast forward, with three and four weekly audiences. Last week , the verdict seemed to be delayed again, however, after Zaken , Olmert ‘s right hand for 30 years, would agree to cooperate with prosecutors delivering a purported recordings in which he says, makes it clear that political tried to stop him testifying , which would lead to another possible crime of obstruction of justice and witness tampering or coercion. Finally the judge expressly understood that the recording has nothing to do with the Holyland case, but it is possible that soon, Olmert have to undergo a new trial by these revelations. Zaken have agreed to be sentenced to only 11 months in jail and a fine, cooperate with the law. Olmert stepped down as prime minister pressured by scandals like this and has dedicated these years to defend. However, in 2013 he publicly acknowledged his “interest” in returning to the political forefront. Today members of Prime Minister Netanyahu -o create a new formation. Its mandate stressed, nevertheless, by his frequent meetings with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his approach to other Arab nations, plus the reviews he received for his handling of the war with Hezbollah in 2006.

Food processing review for Freeze dried strawberries

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Under the barrel of Israel

Here we discourses about some fact of resent information of Israel. We pulled up to the school and anyone between 17 and 50 years. Everyone came handcuffed and blindfolded. When asked to go to the service, the soldiers wore and beaten for no reason that would justify these beatings. Many were arrested for gathering information for the security services, not because they had done something. In general, people kept sitting for 10 hours in the sun. They were given water occasionally. Soldiers spend 10 hours standing, bored and hitting people. Maybe it’s his only satisfaction. It happened in Hares, a town north of the occupied West Bank in March. The dialogue between the soldier who gave this testimony and an activist of breaking the Silence, a militant Israeli NGO, continues. The opinion in the battalion is that Arabs are wild animals to be destroyed, revealing a 19-year out. There are soldiers who think they are nylon handcuffs to immobilize and prevent blood from reaching your fingers. Turn blue. Finally, after complaints and cries, the commander ordered loosens the handcuffs. Many reservists participated and celebrated the humiliation, insults, hair pulling, kicking and slapping. It was the norm. What happened in the service, what we call demons dancing was the most extreme.
A group of Jews, many of them former NCOs and fervent believers, fight tooth and nail to make known what they know many in Israel, but few dare to tell. What these activists go wrong breaking the Silence, who speaks out in a country numbed to the suffering of the enemy. They intend to break the thick wall that surrounds the abhorrent practices of many soldiers to suppress attacks by stones thrown by Palestinian youths. The complaint has high price. But some military exception to the rule does not support what he sees. It rarely happens. Army spokesman offered a very different version. For months , drivers circulating in the road near Hares suffered attacks coming from the hills in the area Several injured innocent civilians is why the Army operated to interrogate suspects involved in these attacks . All detainees suspected of involvement in violent activities, received decent treatment, including the provision of water and food.
No missing soldiers are saying that security measures are essential, but they detest gratuitous humiliation. As the video released this week in which several soldiers forced a Palestinian to hit in the face while you have to praise their aggressors, scoff the meantime. Humiliation is no exception. There is more to see the faces of the Palestinians in the controls. In row, silent, attentive to orders, often complacent and cries, sometimes with a gun pointed directly. The aggressiveness to prevent the violence of Palestinians is not only permitted, it is sometimes required grow. A hit, even when people are not involved, to achieve the objective of the mission is possible.  The operations of the Kfir Brigade, in which they serve hundreds of youth from the far-right nationalist and religious – are constants in the West Bank. Many soldiers are themselves settlers of this brigade have precise information gathered from informers Palestinians are legion – and with operations to know every corner of a people. They call mapping. It is in the home and the information is passed to the security services. But what shocks is that you have to steal. Often falls in gratuitous violence. Soldiers enjoy a position of overwhelming superiority. What explains the aforementioned Sergeant? When you have a gun and you ask something a Palestinian you’re forcing you afraid Arabic can tell yes. It takes, no problem ‘ know you can chase if you say one word out of place.

USA tries to rescue negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians in freefall

The uncertainty surrounding the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians, but the U.S. secretary of state John Kerry refuses to give them yet lost. However, recent events are showing wear. Israel has approved the construction of 708 homes in occupied territory. Meanwhile, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas signed the accession of Palestine to 15 UN treaties, which had been delayed as a gesture of goodwill on the negotiations Tuesday. Discouragement and weighs a lot, but the U.S. has not lost hope. On Wednesday, the State Department has issued a statement in which he criticized the “unnecessary steps” given by both Israelis and Palestinians in recent days. But remarked that neither party has informed them which left the negotiations, reports Reuters.

The U.S. representative to the Middle East, Martin Indyk, tries to save the peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians in a meeting to be held overnight Wednesday with negotiators of both peoples. According to the description it makes every day, have been invited Tzipi Livni Israeli negotiators and Yitzhak Molcho and Palestinian Saeb Erekat. Earlier, from Brussels, John Kerry himself regarded this idea as “premature” but canceled the planned trip to Ramallah to meet with Mahmoud Abbas. “It is completely premature to draw tonight any conclusion about how things are at this time in order to keep a cool head on the process “of peace, Kerry indicated Tuesday night in a press conference.  However, the Secretary had to use all his influence and pressure to retake both parts direct talks. They did, in Jerusalem, seeking a minimum agreement to save the bloodless dialogue and continue until early 2015, but multiple gestures from both sides suggest that these negotiations do not travel much. And, one such gesture has been given by the Palestinian leadership Tuesday. In a televised speech, Mahmoud Abbas announced his decision to sign the instrument of accession treaties and 15 international organizations agreed with the other groups in a meeting called to respond to the Israeli decision not to fight the last such prisoners committed before the summer.

Since 1967, Israel has defended the city as its “eternal capital united’

In 1996, Benjamin Netanyahu won a universal vote by mobilizing large numbers of voters against the alleged intention of then Prime Minister Shimon Peres of “divide Jerusalem.” Nearly two decades later, Netanyahu remains wedded to old and vacuous slogans about a “united Jerusalem” – a conviction that, once again, the process could resolve Israeli-Palestinian peace. At a time when U.S. Secretary of State , John Kerry , is preparing to in attendance a framework conformity for a conclusive round of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations peace, hard-line stance on Jerusalem Netanyahu basically no help. It has mainly avoided taking a practical role in the peace procedure during his second expression, met with Netanyahu in the House white to urge him to moderate his stance. But changing the way you think Netanyahu will not be easy – especially by domestic political pressure he faces. Since Israel captured East Jerusalem in the Six Day War of 1967, the political class has defended the city as the “united eternal capital” of Israel, a view that does not want to leave.
The problem is that any serious negotiations with the Palestinians could accept this position. The Arab population of Jerusalem, which already accounts for over 40 % of the total, is growing by 3.5 % annually, compared with 1.5% among Israelis. Once this large segment of voters begins to participate in the municipal elections, which have thus far avoided, for fear that they thought were legitimizing the Israeli regime, control of the City Council likely will pass to a Palestinian majority. Since 1967, Israel has defended the city as its eternal capital united. Peres understood that a united Jerusalem under Israeli rule was not only possible and assured the Foreign Minister of Norway in a 1993 letter , which was essential for the conclusion of the Oslo Accords , which Israel would respect the autonomy of Palestinian institutions in east Jerusalem . Similarly, in 2000, Prime Minister Ehud Barak endorsed Clinton Parameters, which called for the division of Jerusalem into two capitals based on ethnic lines. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert followed the same line with the peace proposal of 2008, which presented to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas; also recommended to internationalize the administration of the Old City.

Iran stresses that the army can “clear the map” to Israel

The Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi has downplayed threats by Israel to execute a military strike against nuclear facilities in the country and warned that the Iranian army is able to ” wipe out ” Israel. Faced with multiple problems, the usurping regime of Israel makes some absurd to compensate its internal crisis threats, said Vahidi. As reported by the Iranian news agency IRNA. Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stepped up its threats to attack Iran, saying that if world powers refuse to set “red lines” on the Iranian nuclear program then cannot ask Israel not to attack. U.S. Europeahan applied andthe Union tougher sanctions alongside Iran, counting an embargo on its oil, in an effort to persuade. Tehran to abandon its nuclear program, which, according suspect is aimed at making atomic weapons. But Iran has rejected these allegations and has asserted repeatedly that its nuclear program is for peaceful civilian purposes and that is part of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.
The NPT, which Iran is a party, provides, among other things, to prevent proliferation, countries that already have nuclear energy to supply it to countries that do not have if they choose to use this energy for peaceful purposes. Israel, which is not a participant to the NPT, has a policy of “nuclear opacity” and has never acknowledged or denied having nuclear weapons. Although the former nuclear technician Mordecai revealed particulars of Israel’s nuclear agenda to the British press in1986.Tehran has repeatedly stated that an Israeli military attack on its facilities would be a flagrant violation of the NPT and should cause the response of members of the treaty signatories. Moreover, he pointed out that justified any attack over its nuclear program would be an unjustified aggression, as the NPT defends the right of countries to increase nuclear energy for nonviolent purposes. In an interview with chain Iranian Press TV, Abbasi said that some institutions gain access to information that Iran AIEAantes delivery wing of the CEO of the agency, Yukiya Amano, the present antela General Conference of the IAEA.