Obama welcomes Abbas to lure to his “framework agreement” with Israel

The quote that meets Monday at the White House U.S. President Barack Obama and the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, is called to be more than voluntarism and a close final photo. With April 29 approaching the date on which the initial period of just nine months the Israeli and Palestinian negotiating teams to promote peace occurred. It is time for decisions, you have to drive or stall the process. Abbas equipment understood, therefore, that this is one of the most important recent year’s interviews. “We have no time to waste , time is something that we do not have , especially when you consider the difficult situation that is going on the Middle East May we be able to take this opportunity to achieve peace ,” said Abbas at the beginning of I find. Obama, now decided to personally lead the rapprochement between the two historic adversaries after the push – almost alone, almost quixotic, his secretary of state, John Kerry, has two objectives to fulfill. To seek support for Abbas framework agreement designed by his administration and fight to convince Palestinian President that we need to extend this initial contact phase, beyond April, instead of throwing in the towel then.  Hope to see progress in the coming weeks, said U.S. President before the meeting.

The White House, however, is not very optimistic about the possibility of achieving brings positions between the two parties involved in the process. Last week, Kerry expressed his frustration in Congress over the possibility increasingly clear that recognition of Israel as a Jewish state be the trigger again to break the negotiations. The Palestinian president has opposed both less severe than those of his advisors for. Obama has urged Abbas to in the coming weeks take risks to promote the continuation of the peace talks. “We will have to make difficult political decisions to move forward,” the president acknowledged. Few precise details have transcended the base text, beyond recognizing the creation of a Palestinian state and Israel as a Jewish state. Proposals on other key issues, such as refugees, Jerusalem, security or natural resources are supposed to be elaborate Obama to Abbas. There have been no leaks, as the U.S. demanded parties. For in – Palestinian delegation accompanying Abbas and negotiator Nabil Shaath intelligence chief, Majid Faraj – no inalienable points as their State borders shall be prior to the 1967 war and control of the Valley Jordan. For its strategic resources and natural way to Jordan, must remain under Palestinian sovereignty and not under Israeli military control, as proposed by the government of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Abbas is expected, nevertheless, will be more flexible, since time is running out and the dilemma that arises is that of where to give or break the deck.  At the beginning of the meeting, the U.S. president reiterated Washington’s support to deepen the commitment on the ’67 borders, which guarantees the security of Israel but Palestine are a sovereign state that can satisfy the aspirations which has been chasing for so long. It has refused to recognize the Jewish state of Israel, and this week have generated Kerry rash statements which claimed that ” insist ” on this recognition is a “mistake” when talking about points ” decisive ” in the negotiations.

Abbas is expected, nevertheless, will be more flexible, since time is running out and the dilemma that arises is that of where to give or break the deck.

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