Kerry rejects dismiss discussion of peace between Israel and Palestinians

BRUSSELS – The Secretary of State, John Kerry said on Tuesday, 1 which is “completely premature” to dismiss the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians, even after the Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas. It has said would again push for recognition at the United Nations (UN) of a Palestinian state, despite strong objections from Israel. An official of the U.S. government said Kerry canceled plans to meet with Abbas in the West Bank on Wednesday. But the secretary told reporters at the Headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO) today that he and his team remained in contact with both sides. He said the two sides were committed to achieving a peace agreement and urged them to adopt prudence during this difficult period. Abbas justified his action saying that Israel would not have fulfilled the terms of the peace talks, mediated by the United States. They were resumed in late July and the president said at the time that it would suspend attempts to join the UN agencies and non-international would sign treaties for nine months.
We will not use this law against anyone or meet anyone. Abbas said, as he signed the applications. We do not want confrontation with the U.S. government. We want good relations with Washington because it helped us and made huge efforts. But as we find other means to a solution, it becomes our duty. The Israeli government said it would release 104 Palestinian prisoners in four groups. However, the Israeli authorities have refused to release the last batch of prisoners. Kerry was on Tuesday in Jerusalem with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The American returned to Brussels for a meeting of NATO and planned to return to see Abbas in Ramallah, in the West Bank. It was not clear what the cancellation might mean for negotiations, but Kerry insisted that the peace process was not dead. About the Middle East, it is premature to draw any conclusions about the events of today and where things stand. Israel studying partially halt the building of settlements in the occupied West Bank, said an Israeli source close to the negotiations. The suspension would be part of a proposed package that would include the release of Jonathan Pollard, an inmate Israeli spy in the USA, and hundreds of Palestinians held by Israel.

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