Israel approves emergency 700 more houses in colonies before the dialogue with Palestine

The Land Authority of Israel has brought to notice other 708 homes in Gilo , a neighborhood in southern Jerusalem that lies beyond the Green Line, the armistice of 1949 , i.e. in area internationally as occupied less than five minute drive from Bethlehem ( West Bank ) . The release came hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin. It would meet this morning in Jerusalem, in an attempt to breathe oxygen moribund peace process with the Palestinians. At that meeting, according to the environment you are confirming Netanyahu, Israel would have committed to a settlement freeze, at least until the end of the year, just to keep the dialogue alive. The new homes had been put out to tender in the past, in November 2013 and January this year, but no offers materialized as contractors who wanted to fight the competition felt that the starting price was very high. It has now been lowered and when moving in its construction, according to Haaretz has advanced and has corroborated the press office of the City of Jerusalem.
That batch was prior to the release of the first 26 Palestinian prisoners, a total of 104, which Netanyahu promised to release in the first nine months of negotiations. A period that ends on April 29 but by the time it is registered any achievement. Since then, the release of prisoners has been preceded or sucedidas more brick to the settlements, in what was meant as a nod to the right-wing Cabinet members – Jewish home. The Liberation Organization (PLO ) issued in mid-March a report stating that since July the peace process was revived , had begun to lift 10,509 new homes in West Bank settlements where Nations United says it is home to over half a million people. Then in the last month, have announced four more blocks of permits.
The alleged complied freezing on the morning of Tuesday Netanyahu Kerry would only apply to the West Bank, not in East Jerusalem, and would not affect the public infrastructure Israeli government wishes to undertake. The total freezing, demanding the Palestinian Authority, has been discarded. President Mahmoud Abbas, using words from the United States and the European Union, the colonies usually defined as “one of the biggest obstacles to peace. Beyond these works, Israeli officials insist that the Prime Minister is committed to the American Secretary to extend negotiations until 2015. Although this date marked in red on April 29, when the chasm opened at the foot negotiators, follow or stop again. The United States could also scratch him an important counterpart: the release of Jonathan Pollard, an American and Israeli citizen home. For years, Washington’s secret services have opposed his release because of the sensitivity of the information handled.  Even the possible return of a national symbol as Pollard convinced, however, the most radical members of the Prime Minister. Jewish House has publicly said that at least seven of its 12 members in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) would leave the coalition if Israel again frees more Palestinian prisoners.

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