Iran stresses that the army can “clear the map” to Israel

The Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi has downplayed threats by Israel to execute a military strike against nuclear facilities in the country and warned that the Iranian army is able to ” wipe out ” Israel. Faced with multiple problems, the usurping regime of Israel makes some absurd to compensate its internal crisis threats, said Vahidi. As reported by the Iranian news agency IRNA. Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stepped up its threats to attack Iran, saying that if world powers refuse to set “red lines” on the Iranian nuclear program then cannot ask Israel not to attack. U.S. Europeahan applied andthe Union tougher sanctions alongside Iran, counting an embargo on its oil, in an effort to persuade. Tehran to abandon its nuclear program, which, according suspect is aimed at making atomic weapons. But Iran has rejected these allegations and has asserted repeatedly that its nuclear program is for peaceful civilian purposes and that is part of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.
The NPT, which Iran is a party, provides, among other things, to prevent proliferation, countries that already have nuclear energy to supply it to countries that do not have if they choose to use this energy for peaceful purposes. Israel, which is not a participant to the NPT, has a policy of “nuclear opacity” and has never acknowledged or denied having nuclear weapons. Although the former nuclear technician Mordecai revealed particulars of Israel’s nuclear agenda to the British press in1986.Tehran has repeatedly stated that an Israeli military attack on its facilities would be a flagrant violation of the NPT and should cause the response of members of the treaty signatories. Moreover, he pointed out that justified any attack over its nuclear program would be an unjustified aggression, as the NPT defends the right of countries to increase nuclear energy for nonviolent purposes. In an interview with chain Iranian Press TV, Abbasi said that some institutions gain access to information that Iran AIEAantes delivery wing of the CEO of the agency, Yukiya Amano, the present antela General Conference of the IAEA.

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