Commitment to Israel with an army soldiers and less more robots

The Israeli military industry serves a demand for armies around the world increasingly robotic; with new remote control systems progressively assume patrol missions, reconnaissance and attack instead of soldiers. Planes, helicopters, patrol land and sea borders, and flying ambulances are the best examples of an industry that, like a video game were, seeks to leave the soldier in a safe place in the rear. It is a general trend in the most advanced armies in the world and gradually these devices are increasingly entering into service, said sources in this sector, which increasingly devoting resources to the manufacture of unmanned vehicles or advanced autonomous electronic devices.  Many of these robots are still in a very early stage of development, but at present there are already dozens of unmanned vehicles in the ranks of the Israeli Army and others in the world.
One of its primary missions is to protect Israel by remote control always volatile border with Gaza, where Palestinian militant attacks on military units patrolling the electronic separation fence are frequent.  In principle capable of performing its mission automatically, the robot is controlled remotely by a “driver” that can intervene at any time and completely nullify their autonomy. The Guardium was designed for the most different missions ranging from monitoring sensitive installations until a civil prison or a game reserve in the heart of Africa. Its military version is equipped with weapons and a system target acquisition, according to its manufacturer. High maneuverability and undetectable, the Protectorpuede undertake a wide range of missions and coastal protection vessels without exposing the soldier to no personal risk. Both systems came into the world long after his twin air, unmanned drones, more popularly known as “drones ” ( bumblebees) by the piercing noise of your engine. Today widely used in any army, the first unmanned aircraft entered service with the Force Aéreaisraelí fifteen years, and have served in war zones around the world. One of the pioneers was the obsolete MK –I, used for reconnaissance missions that have now fallen into the hands of more modern equipment, including MK- III and Heron. To these has been followed by other drones to specialized media attribute that offensive capabilities , such as the Heron TP , with the wingspan of a Boeing 737 has sufficient autonomy to reach Iran. Multipurpose series of Hermes, developed by Elbit Systems, manufacturer also one of the few tactical flight apparatus infantry support, the Skylark. Of meter removable, this small plane allows any ground unit the ability to see everything that happens around you.

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