A general strike paralyzes all embassies in Israel

Workers in the Israeli Foreign Ministry has decided to launch an indefinite general strike today has closed 103 embassies and consulates located throughout the world and own the central ministry in Jerusalem. A total of about 1,200 diplomats and other officials based the 1,100 that have paralyzed the work of the delegations of Israel as leverage to achieve better working conditions, disputes for more than one year. Never before, nor in time of war, has Israel continued to provide consular services. Your plant has made ​​it impossible for the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and travel in the first week of April to Mexico, Panama and Colombia, where he would be the first official visit by an Israeli head of government in the area. Also the defense minister, Moshe Yaalon, has canceled his expedition to Italy to discuss various weapons contracts. This afternoon , in Geneva , the Human Rights Council UN discuss five resolutions censuring Israel – including one that calls for action against companies who work in or with settlements in occupied Palestinian territory , and Israel will not be represented in the room. He has not even been a team that, in the hours, tries to soften the text or gather votes against protecting their country.
They are not issuing tourist visas or studies, or permits for new immigrants, defense exports or large business transactions, as there are no promotional events or meetings with international organizations or personnel from other nations. The cost, says the Government, already surpasses several million. It’s tough, but we are fighting for a better foreign service for all” justified Yair Frommer, president of the workers union Affairs. He explains that during the last seven months have held meetings with the Ministry of Finance (hands Yair Lapid, party Yesh Atid ) but have not been put on the table solutions that satisfy the template. The employees claim that their wages rise under IPC when frozen takes 12 years, plus they want to be paid the arrears that this measure has caused. Complementary to claim their wages, to facilitate the transfer of families abroad , before the ” practical impossibility ” that spouses find work in their places of employment and the cost of the care and education of children aids. They argue that they were not paid “decently “the “constants” overtime giving and their pension plans are “below average “from other officers. ” It is impossible, says spokesman union – lead a reasonable life with those losses.”

At the door of the ministry, in the Givat Ram neighborhood of Jerusalem, a group of employees has mounted this morning under a tarp bursting brochures explaining their claims. Yesterday I was told not to enter or leave the minister, Avigdor Lieberman (Yisrael Beiteinu), who has not made ​​an attempt to come to his office. “This is the country where diplomatic or medical professions are no future, battered. The State does not care. Wages are not fair. It is irresponsible not care an essential service, “complains Nimrod Levy, 17 years old in the house. The starting salary of 5,000 shekels contracted round (just over one thousand Euros) and someone with his seniority does not exceed 9,000 in a medium position abroad (about 1,900). The union claims that a third of diplomats abandoning basic level just to enter the race – “with their masters, their languages ​​and their networks” – in the private market, more profitable. “Many talented people are going,” Levy complains. The strike at embassies and consulates has been “total”, according to the union, at this time the Government has not yet taken stock of the first day of the strike. In some European capitals, the dependent personnel of Defense or Economics and Mossad spies tried to access the offices, because unemployment does not concern them, but his teammates prevented. Washington embassies and representation to the United Nations has not worked.

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