A court declares Israel Ehud Olmert guilty of accepting bribes

Never before has a Prime Minister of Israel had been convicted by a judge. Ehud Olmert, prime minister between 2006 and 2009. It has been found guilty of a crime of bribery by room 606 of the District Court of Tel Aviv. Judge David Rozen considers it proven that received at least two payments of 500,000 and 600,000 shekels (104,000 and 125,000 Euros respectively) to “soften” the legal and urban obstacles complicating the lifting of a luxury residential complex called Holyland (Holy Land). So Olmert was the mayor of the city. While waiting to know the final penalty, the ruling this morning and hardly modifiable yields two conclusions. Olmert will have to serve jail time and his political career, he has tried to revive the past two years, is finished except miracle. No date yet to know it’s worth. In addition to the Holyland, Olmert was tried for other cases: the first was found not guilty of taking bribes by a court of Jerusalem in 2012, and in the second. The prosecution closed this year another case against Olmert going back to when he was industry minister and deputy prime minister from charges that allegedly used his status to benefit Likud activists. The judicial inquiry ends today is possibly the most controversy ever wrapped an Israeli politician. It covers the period when Olmert occupied the Jerusalem municipality between 1993 and 2003, and his later years as Minister of Infrastructure, Trade and Industry. Beside him were sentenced his successor in Jerusalem , Uri Lupoliansky , former Bank Hapoalim chairman Dan Danker and former chief of staff Olmert , Shula Zaken . Only three of the 13 defendants in the process have been found innocent. Entire network moved nine million shekels ( 1.8 million Euros) in bribes in Olmert case were handled by his chief of staff and his brother , Yossi , with ship money on hand . Thus, the land on which the most imposing towers of the city, close to major roads. A shopping mall and the Teddy Stadium would have happened to contemplate a work area of 25,000 square meters to 311,000 rises.
The judge in the summary of the judgment is known at this time, reports that in those years. The government became more corrupt and rotten. However, it has been found with evidence contradictory to her brother and numerous documents – disordered papers, added data, and reports confusing – that have produced more shadows on his administration, on which the tax has especially affected. These two years that has lasted almost the press called “the trial of the century” have served to build testimonies of 103 people; there are 9,000 pages of transcripts, 800 stories of the prosecution and defense 500. Judge Rozen has almost become a magistrate star for his efforts in fast forward, with three and four weekly audiences. Last week , the verdict seemed to be delayed again, however, after Zaken , Olmert ‘s right hand for 30 years, would agree to cooperate with prosecutors delivering a purported recordings in which he says, makes it clear that political tried to stop him testifying , which would lead to another possible crime of obstruction of justice and witness tampering or coercion. Finally the judge expressly understood that the recording has nothing to do with the Holyland case, but it is possible that soon, Olmert have to undergo a new trial by these revelations. Zaken have agreed to be sentenced to only 11 months in jail and a fine, cooperate with the law. Olmert stepped down as prime minister pressured by scandals like this and has dedicated these years to defend. However, in 2013 he publicly acknowledged his “interest” in returning to the political forefront. Today members of Prime Minister Netanyahu -o create a new formation. Its mandate stressed, nevertheless, by his frequent meetings with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his approach to other Arab nations, plus the reviews he received for his handling of the war with Hezbollah in 2006.

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